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Cirlinca's software products provide the essential features to create rich media with HD music. With it, you can import music (high-definition or standart CD resolution), process it if desired (upsample, upmix, VST plug-ins) and export it to DVD-Audio/Video, Blu-ray discs or computer files.

High-resolution music download sites


Linn Records




European archive

(more here)

Benefits of remastering music


Get more from your music collection. Import music tracks from computer files, CD or DVD-Audio discs (non protected, non MLP). If they are in stereo, convert them to surround 5.1 for an immersive experience. And/or upsample them to high-definition up to 24bit/192kHz for enhanced clarity and details. Export to DVD, Blu-ray or files.


When your music is not already in high-definition or surround (e.g. it is of CD quality), you will benefit to remaster it (i.e. process and/or convert) :

To encode the audio signal in a way that is more easily reproducible by electronics equipment with less distorsion and closer to the original analog signal with a technique called upsampling.

To supplement the stereo reproduction with surround channels to restore the sound stage to something closer to reality with a technique called upmixing. The front stereo channels can be left unchanged.


The result is a superior listening experience having more definition, clarity and presence, that has been qualified as "more fluid, less harsh and an all round better sound".



All features : audio remastering and DVD-Audio / Video / Blu-ray discs authoring

Remastering features (upsampling, upmixing, VST plug-ins)

DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs authoring


3 product editions to choose from


HD-Audio Solo Ultra 

HD-Audio Remaster

DVD-Audio Solo

Typical use cases


Cirlinca's products can be used with or without remastering, depending on your needs, to author high-definition surround media, as illustrated in the following typical cases :

  • Play high-definition or surround music on your audio system.
  • Listen in the car in high-resolution / surround or consolidate collections.
  • Extract more from CD collections with upsampling or conversion from stereo to 5.1.
  • Convert vinyl records collections to high-resolution DVD-Audio / Video discs or files.
  • Archive Music.


Features highlight

VST plug-ins support

Cirlinca's VST enabled applications act as a VST host capable of accepting most VST plug-ins (3) for processing on the fly. There is vast offer or commercial and freeware VST plug-ins, ranging from audio effects to spectrum analyzers.

Check Audiomastermind as an example.


Add navigation menus to DVD-Audio, DVD-Video and Blu-ray discs. Menus bring a professional touch where you can personalize the musical experience with a top menu, album menus, custom pictures and texts, jacket thumbnails.

DVD-Audio / DVD-Video (1) authoring

Author DVD-Audio, DVD-Video or universal (both) discs with music up to 24bit / 192 kHz or surround 5.1. Add pictures to each track for slideshow effect (of the artists, liners, jacket, ...). Configure the channels of a track into two groups of different resolutions (DVD-Audio) for optimal disc space use.

Blu-ray (2) authoring

Author music Blu-ray discs up to 25GB and Blu-Ray compatible AVCHD on standard DVD discs. Tracks resolution can be 24bits / 96kHz and 5.1, even in AVCHD. Add pictures to each track in high-definition up to 1080p. 

(1) : DVD-Video support through optional free third party plug-in.

(2) : Blu-ray support through optional free third party plug-in.

(3) VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. VST Plug-in Technology by Steinberg.

A broad choice of export media for authoring


Author DVD-Audio discs, DVD-Video discs,

universal DVD-Audio/Video, Blu-ray discs or

export to computer files


If you want the most versatile audio format, the clear choice is DVD-Audio. This standard supports up to 24bit/192 kHz in stereo and 24 bit/96 kHz in surround 5.1. It offers many unique features for audiophiles. You will need a DVD player that is DVD-Audio capable (e.g. from Denon, Oppo, Marantz, Harman-kardon, Meridian, Pioneer, ...). DVD-Audio players tend to have higher quality audio paths than standard players.


If your interest is for stereo at 24bit/96kHz or 24bit/48kHz, then a standard DVD-Video disc is a sufficient media when played through a good quality player.


To author surround 5.1 tracks in full 24bit / 96kHz or if disc capacity is a major concern, consider choosing Blu-ray.


Export to audio files if your audio playback devices are PC or Mac or or Multimedia disc based player. Most multimedia players can play DVD-Video ISO files with menus, which is a convenient way to structure big playlists without burning discs (and add visual interaction).


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HD-Audio Solo Ultra


HD-Audio Remaster

DVD-Audio Solo