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The Microsoft Windows platform can support media playback like Audio with a set of capabilities called DirectX. These capabilities provides maximum compatibilities with your sound card hardware. Cirlinca's applications can use DirectX if the installed version is recent. As an illustration, the version of DirectX that comes with the Windows 2000 base install is too old. To update to a more recent version requires downloading from 10Mb to 20MB from the Microsoft web site.
To avoid imposing this procedure to our customers, Cirlinca's applications do not require DirectX to playback or record. If you want to use DirectX, do the following, go to the Record panel and check teh DirectX box, then restart DVD-Audio Solo.


Error message during installation
If you receive an error message while installing Solo, it may be for the following reasons :
"Cannot copy or register DLL xxx". You may need to log again with Administrator rights to be able to run the installation which copies files to the systems folders or to registers DLL files.
Other messages. Please contact Cirlinca at


My writable DVD disc is rated at X speed, but the reported speed is lower
The speed rating of a writable DVD disc (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW), e.g. 8X, is a maximum theoretical speed. Writing speeds actually achieved are lower, for example 6X for a 8X disc. A 4X disc should achieve about 4X, but the higher you go above that, the less incremental speed you will gain.


Choosing a type and brand of DVD disc that works well with your DVD writer
Writing to a DVD disc is a delicate process due to the bandwidth required to transfer the data. You will find out that some types and brands of discs work better with your DVD writer than some others. Generally, the speed and reliability of the writing depends on the combination of the DVD writer and the DVD disc type and brand. DVD-R discs tend to be supported by more DVD players, but writing to a DVD+R disc is faster because the finalization is much shorter. If you experiece reliability problems, e.g. with skipping or distorsion, try a lower writing speed from the Write panel if you have a choice. If this doesn't solve the problem, try experimenting between DVD+R and DVD-R, usually one type will work better with your DVD writer.

Choosing the right brands that work for you is very important, we have observed that the same disc type, e.g. DVD+R 8X, works very well for one brand and poorly for another. The following link provides a good overview of available brands and their respective reliability. We advise to use blank discs from the 1ST CLASS category, 2ND CLASS media are acceptable, avoid the other classes. To determine the Media ID of your blank discs, download the free program DVD Identifier here.


Dual Layer DVD disc support
Solo supports writing to dual layer DVD discs. It has been tested successfully with Verbatim and Fuji DL writable discs in drives from Pioneer, Toshiba. If you experience problems with other make of DL discs or drives, please let us know.


Sound card backgrounder
To play back or record in high resolution up to 96Khz/24bits, you system must include a sound card that supports such rates. Most PC systems do not by default. Manufacturers that offer high resolution sound cards include Creative (Audigy serie,, Terratec (Aureon serie,, M-Audio (Revolution serie,, this list is not exhaustive.
In your choice of card and if you plan to record from a LP turntable, a card with a phono input is an advantage. When recording from phono, a RIAA filter may not be included in hardware, which requires a digital filtering step after recording.


Make sure that the Line-in input is selected to record from, as illustrated below :


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2) Open the Device Manager panel and left click the IDE Channel where your DVD drive resides (often Secondary)

3) Select 'DMA if available' for the DVD drive

Cirlinca's applications are available for free trial with full features and are protected by an activation mechanism. On installation, all features are available for a limited number of burned discs or for a limited time. When the limits are reached, the applications will restrict access to some features. To restore full functionality, an activation key can be purchased on Cirlinca's web site. On payment, an activation key will be sent to your e-mail address.


Errors writing to DVD disc

If you experience recurrent error while writing to blank DVD discs, please report this behavior to Cirlinca for analysis. As a workaround, you can write the DVD disc image to an ISO format file and then write the ISO file to a DVD disc using another DVD writing software supporting ISO file. The steps are :

1. Open the DVD panel, select the option DVD Image Save Only and enter a file name, e.g. myproject.iso, and then click Write.

2. Run your preferred DVD writing software (e.g. Nero, Ulead or the one which came with the DVD writer) to write the ISO file created in step 1 to a blank DVD disc.


Windows Vista support

DVD-Audio Solo has been tested on Windows Vista 32-bit systems, and Windows 7 64 bits. If you encounter problems to startup DVD-Audio Solo on Vista, please visit this page which provides workarounds.


How to install plug-ins for AAC/M4A or DVD-Video

If you try to import an AAC/M4A track or try to select authoring a DVD-Video disc in the Export/DVD-Video settings you may be asked to install a missing plug-in.

Installing DVD-Video plug-in : click here

Instaling AAC/M4A plug-in : click here




You can receive support for Cirlinca's products by sending us an e-mail at Please provide in details:

  • Your question or a description of the problem and the steps to reproduce the problem

  • A copy of the internal log that can be obtained by 1) Open the panel Online-Support, 2) Click Query Configuration, 3) Click Send e-mail, 4) Paste the internal log from the clipboard (Ctrl-V) into the body of the e-mail, 5) send the e-mail to Cirlinca


Before contacting Cirlinca, we advise you to review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below, Tooltips and Solo user's guide.


Useful tips


Cirlinca's applications must be installed from an account with Administrator rights.


To avoid DVD disc writing errors, use quality blank discs and settle for a lower writing speed.


Parameter changes like upsampling, upmixing only apply to tracks selected in the center panel.


If tracks stop playing after about 15s, it is probably because they are protected with a Verance watermarking, which is enforced by some DVD-Audio players.


If you hear a noise or hiss from downloaded tracks, it may be because these tracks were converted from DSD masters to PCM, which was observed to introduce noise. Inquire with your download provider.


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