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The steps to transfer vinyl to DVD-Audio disc with Solo :


Step 1 : Set the recording and monitoring parameters

Step 2 : Record each track or record the whole side of the vinyl

Step 3 : (optional) associate pictures with the tracks

Step 4 : Fine tune the project

Step 5 : Burn to DVD-Audio disc

Step 2 : Record each track (buttons Record / Stop), or record the whole side of the disc and later edit a CUE sheet file (see help).

Step 3 : (optional) associate pictures with the tracks. Drag & Drop selected picture paths in the Import panel. Or alternatively if you want a pure DVD-Audio disc without pictures, uncheck the "On" check box in the Settings panel as illustrated below.

Step 4 : Fine tune the project. E.g., for each track you can adjust the starting position from the beginning of the audio file (Position) or its duration (Output play time). Or reorder the tracks within the groups.

Step 1 : Set the recording and monitoring parameters. (A) Recording and Play device to be able to hear/monitor your recording. (B) the input source for the Recording device, e.g. Line in. (C) the recording sampling rate and bit depth.

What you need to transfer vinyl to DVD-Audio discs :


1) Good quality turntable.

2) Good quality sound card for your PC (internal or external), capable of recording at high-resolution (e.g. 96kHz / 24 bit). Following is a non-exhaustive list of manufacturers that provide cards of reasonable quality: Terratec, M-audio, E-mu, Creative Labs, Edirol, Presonus. External sound cards have a better chance to be isolated from the electrical noise of the PC.

3) Optional : a RIAA preamp if the sound card does not have it on board. Audio enthusiasts prefer an external RIAA preamp to isolate it from the electrical noise of the PC. Following is a link on the subject : Bugle Pro or Google "RIAA preamp".

4) Good quality cables between the turntable and the soundcard.

5) Recording software : DVD-Audio Solo built-in recording, or any Audio software that allows high-resolution recording and editing (e.g. Steinberg WaveLabs, Adobe Audition, Audacity freeware, ...).

6) DVD-Audio Solo to author and burn the DVD-Audio disc.

Step 5 : Burn to DVD-Audio disc by clicking the Write Button in the Export panel.

Transfer vinyl records to DVD-Audio discs
You have vinyl records collection and wonder how to give them a new life while preserving the warmth and stage presence that you appreciated with them. DVD-Audio is probably the best answer today because it is the only high-resolution standard that allows to burn an audio DVD disc on a standard DVD writer. Here is a practical example involving DVD-Audio Solo (click "An Essay").
Transferring vinyl records to DVD-Audio discs will help you to :
  • Record at high resolution, such as 96kHz / 24 bit, and preserve most of the listening qualities that you liked in vinyl records. High-resolution audio offers a smooth and precise restitution of sound that is well beyond what you came to expect from CDs at 44kHz/16 bit. Listening to high-resolution is truly believing.
  • Convert them to a media that is more easily transportable and usable. We have many customers who converted their audio material to DVD-Audio discs to be able to listen to it in their cars equipped with DVD-Audio systems (Acura, Lexus). You will be able to enjoy your transferred vinyl in places without turntable.
  • Archive your vinyl records to a DVD media that is rated to last between 20 years and 100 years if handled with reasonable care. This protects your records against the slow degradation of time.

Useful tips


After recording in stereo and before transferring to DVD-Audio disc, you can apply upmix to convert from stereo to 5.1 in high-resolution. This step is reversible as you can later extract the original stereo signal from the front speakers.


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