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Free music download sites using FTP - CD quality and High-definition

Live Music Archive home : vast flac archive, part high-definition, a bit slow

Gutenberg audio books         


Free music download using peer-to-peer - CD quality and High-definition (flac)

Highresaudio (flac)

Smithsonian Folkways (flac)

Magnatune (flac, wav, aac, mp3) (flac, mp3) (flac, mp3) (flac, wma, aac, mp3)

Frettunes (flac)

DGM (flac)

Acusense (flac)

Downloadsnow (HD wav)

eClassical (flac)

Analekta (flac)

Qobuz (flac)

Bleep (flac, wav)

Crammed (flac)

Leaf (wav)


Search engine for high resolution music

Fast Atmosphere (mp3, aac, Flac)

Zunior (flac, mp3)

LiveDownloads (flac, mp3) (flac, mp3)

HDTT (flac)

Boomkat (flac)

B&W Society of Sound (AIFF, Flac)

Shockwave-sound (wav, 5.1)

Cedille (flac)

Channel Classic Records (flac)

Melba Recordings (flac, wma)

Dacapo Records (flac, wma)

Pristine Classical (flac)

Junodownloads (wav)

Gubemusic (flac)

World Connections (flac)


Lose no bits

High-resolution flac and wma
Wav, high-resolution

Useful Forums

Commercial music download sites - CD quality and High-definition

News and reviews


Professional reviews and Solo users comments

Stereoplay (German) (English)


Car audio          


DVD-Audio news, whitepapers         


ccMixter (flac, mp3)



Further net (flac)


An inventory of legal music download sites focusing on high-definition, surround and CD quality tracks; DVD-Audio papers, useful audio forums and news sources.

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