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Cirlinca is looking for testers of the upcoming 3.0 version   which will support Windows 7 Blu-ray,  Unicode. Click here for a preview of the new features and the procedure to participate into the beta program.


Cirlinca's software tools are the links between your music and a superior listening experience.


Under a streamlined user interface, you will find powerful features to access the benefits of high-definition audio. You may own HD music from download sites, or want to give a new life to your CD collections, or reproduce the special sound of your vinyls on a modern media ...


You then need the tools to capture the music, enhance it if desired and package it in a convenient delivery media for your audio equipments. Simply said, simply done - the technological complexity is ours, not yours.


Optionally, you can add a visual dimension to your music with pictures slide show and navigation menus.


An all-in-one solution for your high-definition or surround authoring and remastering projects



October 9, 2015: The 4.4.2 product line is available for download. This is a maintenance release to address miscellaneous issues.


Release 4.4 December 4 2013: The 4.4 product line is available for download. This release considerably speeds Blu-ray processing, improves stability and has been tested on Windows 8.1.


Release 4.3 January 7 2013: The 4.3 product line is available for download. This release introduces support for Windows 8 32/64 bit.



HD-Audio Remaster Upsample, upmix, VST host


HD-Audio Solo Ultra

Author music DVD with menus, Blu-ray music discs

Upsample, upmix, VST host


2 products in a full featured software suite for Microsoft Windows personal computers


Create HD music Blu-ray, DVD discs and streaming files for immersing performances with superb sound

Export music (with pictures) to DVD, Blu-ray discs, CD, and computer files

Process and structure. Convert between file formats, upsample to high-definition, upmix to surround, apply VST effects, group in titles, add pictures and navigation menus


Listen with DVD/Blu-ray players, computers, streaming multimedia player. On your home audio system, wireless device or in your car

Compatible with Mac OS X under 


High-definition and surround


CD has been a good music media for many years, but the advance of technlogy now allows to reproduce music more faithfully with high-definition and surround. This results in recorded performances that are closer to the live experience, with more clarity, depth and better stage presence. Hearing is believing, try for yourself with the full featured free trials. There are several formats for high-definition audio. 


DVD-Video is the ubiquitous video format and supports high-definition audio tracks up to 24 bits/96kHz stereo uncompressed PCM , or 24 bits/48kHz 5.1 compressed AC3. It plays on any DVD player.

Blu-ray is the new video format with support for high-definition audio up to 24 bits/192kHz 7.1 uncompressed PCM or DTS. It requires a Blu-ray player for full Blu-ray discs and AVCHD DVD discs (up to 24bits/96kHz 5.1).

Computer audio Files in high-definition formats can play with (streaming) media players. Most players can read stereo PCM, DVD-Video ISO files in high-definition audio with menus, or MKV files with audio+video. New players also play Blu-ray ISO files and BDMV folders with menus.

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